Icebel assumes the permanent commitment towards the satisfaction of all applicable requirements and the continuous improvement of management systems as an institutional value

Quality Management

Icebel has defined a policy based on the sharing of mission, vision, and strategic objectives, respecting four pillars of action:

Prioritise the quality of equipment, continuous consolidation in the global market and increased customer satisfaction, always meeting their present and future needs. The continuous improvement of production methods and processes, and the optimisation of the cost-quality-innovation relationship, are the benchmarks for meeting the agreed requirements


Ensure the definition of roles, authorities, and responsibilities based on flexibility, internal communication, qualification and training, thus creating and providing value. Promote safe and healthy working conditions, seeking consultation and participation of workers, risk reduction and prevention of occupational diseases


Clarify the requirements for evaluation and qualification, always defending the quality of the products and services purchased, thus attesting value to the production flow


Keep the structure in line with strict compliance with ESG criteria, streamlining the framework of the equipment produced to new efficiency parameters through the sustainable use of resources

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