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Icebel is specialized in the design, construction, assembly and engineering of automatic systems for Cold End equipment

Our different Solutions

Since 1993, Icebel has been designing, producing and assembling machines for different industries with focus on Glass Container Industry

Inspection Lines

Our Cold End lines system is formed by several equipment which can be grouped in different arrangements to obtain a final layout, adjusting itself to production demand.
The Cold End lines incorporate the latest technology developed for bottle conveyors. These equipment are designed to meet technical and manufacturing needs of customers who require maximum reliability

Palletizing Systems

Our palletizing solutions, which include mainly Palletizers and Depalletizers, are based on a fully automatic system and prepared to run at high-speed, respecting the principles of flexibility, operating speed, low noise level, reliability, easy and quick adjustment to the type of production and security

Pallet Transport Systems

With our Shuttle Car and Pallet Conveyor solutions, we are able to load/unload and transport pallets from the Palletizers to the Warehouse wherever it is located

Pallet Handling Systems

The Empty Pallets Preparation Line (EPPL) and Pallets Repair Line (PRL) are solutions to automatise the palletizing systems' feeding

Product Handling

We are able to develop solutions to handle products such as cardboard boxes, wine boxes, or even paint buckets. Our solutions extend to the food, beverage, coating, and cork industries

Product Transportation

Icebel provides different solutions to transport products such as plastic pallets, wine boxes or even cork flooring. We have solutions in the food, beverage, coating, and cork industries

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